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Do you have a junk car which does nothing but sits in your garage? People tend to abandon their vehicles when they are not operational. Leaving a car out in the open can be extremely hazardous to the environment. Scrap cars emit fuels and gases that can harm your surroundings as well as the wildlife. Hence getting rid of the junk is the best option. If you’re wondering how to go about it, Old Car Removals Brisbane is here to give you the easiest solution. We are the best vehicle removal company in Brisbane. You can sell your junk vehicle to us without wasting time and efforts.

Why Sell Your Junk Car To Us?

There are various traditional ways of selling an old, damaged and unwanted car. However, we offer you the best of all. Our cash for car services makes it convenient for you to get rid of your junk vehicle in no time! No matter in what condition your unwanted vehicle is, we will offer you a generous amount of money for it. We at Old Car Removals Brisbane bring you the best car wrecking services.
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Best Removal of Automobiles in Brisbane, Just for You

Personally selling your unwanted automobile can be a strenuous task. You might have to get a thing or two fixed about your vehicle before selling it to someone. To avoid these repairs and bargain, sell your scrap automobile to us and get instant cash. Moreover, nothing goes out of your pocket! Because we do not charge you for any of the facilities that we provide.

How To Sell Your Car?

Are you wondering how to sell your scrap car? Selling your junk vehicle has never been this easy! All you need to do is follow a few steps and get rid of your junk car in less than a day.

  1. Contact us: Give us a call any day! We are here at your service for all seven days a week. Call us and provide the details of your vehicle. We offer a no-obligation quote considering various aspects of your unwanted car such as model, brand, make, condition, etc. Do make sure that you give us the correct details to get a higher quote from us.
  2. Same-day car pick-up: If you are delighted and happy with our offer, we send our team of car wreckers to you within 24 hours. All you have to do is sit back and let it all happen. Our professional car wreckers do not cause any inconvenience.
  3. Cash on the spot: What can be better than instant money? You do not only get to avoid the hassle but also get instant cash. Our car wreckers pay you in cash on the spot right after your vehicle has been towed out of your garage. Our customers never face any payment related issues.

Why Choose Old Car Removals Brisbane?

There are ample reasons to choose Old Car Removals Brisbane. We offer you the most competitive prices for your vehicle. We buy trucks, cars, vans, Utes, lorries, 4wds, or anything that you can name. A handsome amount of instant money for a junk vehicle is not the only reason. We also serve you everything that you need in a platter!

Not To Worry About The Makes And Models

Our services are not at all chargeable. We do not ask for anything during our selling process. Your unwanted vehicle will be towed away right from your doorstep. There is no hidden fee or any anonymous charge. You not only get to enjoy our generous cash offer but also our free services. If you may know, selling a vehicle also involves the transfer of ownership. If the arrangement of legal formalities is a tough task for you, we come to your rescue. Our expert team will manage all the paperwork for you before handover the money, and we also do not charge a penny for that as well.

We Repair, Recycle or Resell Your Scrapped Vehicle

We buy junk vehicle from our customers, and these vehicles will further used for either reselling or recycling. The usable parts of these scrap vehicles will sell to various vehicle owners in Brisbane City. The auto parts that are in terrible conditions will recycle using the latest technology. The vehicle recycling process is eco-friendly. Therefore, we make sure that we also contribute our bit to the environment. If you want a hassle-free selling experience, pick your phone and call us right away!

Queensland Wide Automotive Business Partners-

Car Wreckers Brisbane

We deal with Wreckery Car Wreckers team for our scrap & wrecked cars to dismantle in Qld wide. Where we sometimes arrange pickups from outer regions to car removal with the help of team Qld Car Removals.

Used Auto Parts Supplier

Customers always need wreckers or salvage yards either for selling their old cars or ask for used auto parts. Our partnership with Qld Auto Parts fulfils all sort of second hand and recycled parts which are basic and economically affordable from car bumper to complete engine.


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Very impressed by how efficient their team is. They reach at your doorstep within a day! I have had the best selling experience.

Excellent service! I am glad that I chose to sell my car here. I literally had to do nothing and I got my cash on the same day.

The remanufactured auto parts are as good as the new ones. I have bought them at great prices and they also come with a warranty.

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